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To help your fellow creatures

  1. Buy cruelty free products – visit
  2. Adopt from your local animal rescue or shelter
  3. Spay & neuter your companion animals
  4. Donate supplies to your local animal rescue or shelter
  5. Volunteer and spend time with your favorite animal rescue or shelter
  6. Ask family and friends to donate animal rescues instead of buying you birthday gifts
  7. Call the US Senators & US Representative at
    212-224-3121 and ask them to support or co-sponsor animal legislation now pending in congress
  8. Keep up to date with animal protection laws with and
  9. Don't leave your companion animals in the car when it's hot outside
  10. Keep domestic rabbits indoors at all times, they are not wild rabbits, key word being Domestic!
  11. Never leave rabbits in hot temperature room, higher than 78 degrees, they get heat stroke!