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Sittings are per 25 minutes and includes…
  • Cleaning & refilling water bowl
  • Cleaning & refilling food bowl
  • Restore supplies in proper place
  • Give treats with training and commands (if allowed)
  • Clean up accidents if they occur
  • Play time with each pet
  • Cleaning litter box
  • Administrating medication if needed
  • Check pet’s coat and behavior (for health reasons)
  • Plenty of hugs, love, and kisses
  • Coat brushing (if required)
  • Check that pet is in a safe and secure place,
    before leaving property
Additional in home security services included…
  • Newspaper pick-up
  • Mail pick-up
  • Checking doors and windows
  • Watering house plants (if required)
  • Turning lights on and off
  • Pulling drapes open and shut
  • Set/reset house security system
  • Forward messages (if required)
  • Relock the house before leaving
  • Check sprinkler (if required)
Large bird cage $30 per cage
Small bird cage $23 per cage
Additional Services...
Additonal visits $20+ per day per pet
Extra Tender Loving Care $10 every additional 10 minutes
Over night stays
(Local / Out of Area)
$80 / $100
Hourly Booking $38 per hr ... min 2 hrs
Vet & Physical Therapist Visits* $38 per hr
Pet Supply Pick-up** $8 additional fee added to the total of the receipt