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Last fall, I was to be an exhibitor at my first out of state trade show. I was concerned about leaving my dog, Miss Blackie, the Belgian Sheepdog. My girl is an intelligent, thoughtful, brave and sensitive creature. She thrives when she is around people and needs to be active in their lives. Let us just say that, if Jimmy had owned Miss Blackie instead of Lassie, the little guy would never have fallen down the well in the first place! I toured several kennels and, for obvious reasons, came to the conclusion that boarding was out of the question.

Then I saw an ad for The Bunny Sitter Club. When I interviewed DJ, two things impressed me: First, that DJ was an intelligent and trustworthy person.Second, that she truly loved animals. Over many years, DJ had regularly volunteered her time to several animal rescues and that was prove enough she was committed to caring for animals. So, I decided to leave Miss Blackie at home and hired DJ to stay with her overnight. During the time I was away, I made nightly check-in phone calls and was so happy to hear updates on Miss B’s behavior.

Apparently, both pet sitter and pet were bonding! DJ also dealt with my gardener, brought in my paper, took out the trash and made sure that my home ran smoothly. All this as part of the service! She really set my mind at ease. When I found out that I would need to stay away for two extra days, because of delays in packing my booth, DJ made herself available to accommodate me. I came home to a well djusted, healthy and happy dog and a well maintained home environment. Do I recommend The Bunny Sitter Club?

Let me just say that it’s like having a well trusted, responsible family member caring for your pet.

Client pet picture Miss Blackie
Alicia St. John
La Belle Epoque Studios

Every two months I drive down to San Diego to be with my family for about a week. I have a teenage rabbit that likes to jump around and enjoy his youth, but unfortunately he has to be supervised, and I could not drive him over two hours every two months because this would cause anxiety to my poor rabbit.

I could not trust any dog walker with my rabbit because it takes much more than a regular dog sitter to know & understand a rabbit’s personality and appreciate it. I heard from a neighbor about The Bunny Sitter Club, which seemed like a sign sent from heaven just for me. I interviewed DJ at my house and found out that she was such a wonderful person that she rescued two of her own rabbits; and little I knew my own rabbit had feel in love and a sleep underneath her fingers while she was massaging him.  I instantly knew that she was the perfect pet sitter yet; and she has been pet sitting for me every since last June of 05.

 DJ also brings in my mail, supervises my rabbit while he plays in the backyard, forwards my house messages to my cell-phone, and stayed overnight on some occasions.  I could not have asked for a better pet sitter for my bunny boy.  Now I never worry about my boy rabbit being alone or depressed when I am away, I simply call on my wonderful Bunny Sitter DJ.

CB. / Burbank CA

My name is Jimmy Weldon, voice of Yakky Doodle in the Yogi Bear television show produced waaaaay back in 1962, '63 and '64. My almost eleven-year-old Golden Retriever/Collie mix companion {Sandy] had his right front leg amputated due to bone cancer.

Less than a week passed before I had to go to Visalia, a town about 175 miles North, on a speaking engagement. I live in Burbank, California and very fortunately, found a wonderful animal lover [like myself] who came over and stayed with him.

DJ Stephan is not only a great companion for little animals, she is qualified to administer medications and/or whatever else is needed for the "pet(s)" during the owner's absence. I left Sandy shortly after 7:25 in the morning and did not return until three-fifteen that afternoon. When I came in, both DJ and Sandy were sitting on the floor -- apparently enjoying themselves immensely.

If you love your little animal(s), there is no greater peace of mind than knowing they are left in the hands of a competent professional --- who loves them and would make sure every instruction you requested was carried out. When DJ came over to "meet" Sandy the day BEFORE I made this trip and sit with us to make sure she and Sandy BONDED as true friends, I KNEW THEN this was a very special individual. I highly recommend her "services" to anyone.

Jimmy W.

I was extremely pleased with the service DJ Stephan provided as a pet sitter for my elderly cat. I have used pet sitters in other cities in the past, yet none of them were able to connect with my skittish and timid cat the way DJ did so effortlessly.

Usually, I return from a business trip and my cat is withdrawn and upset for days, but when I had DJ cat sit, I had the pleasant surprise of returning to a playful and happy cat instead. In addition, DJ took several pictures of my cat playing and emailed them to me while I was on the road. This put my mind at ease and gave me a good chuckle to boot.

DJ was extremely friendly and professional to deal with, and I felt completely at ease trusting her with both the responsibilities of caring for my cat, as well as helping keep my apartment "lived-in", by picking up mail and varying the lighting each day.

I found DJ through the Pet Sitter's International Website Directory. Although I have only used DJ as my cat sitter once so far, I had such a great experience with her that I am confident in recommending her to anyone. I am definitely hiring her to look after my cat during my upcoming business trips, as well as over any holidays I may be traveling.

I wholeheartedly recommend DJ and am looking forward to hiring her for cat-sitting during my future travels.

Nicole N. pet cat
Nicole N.

We love our four bunnies and wouldn't trust them with anyone but The Bunny Sitter Club when we're out of town. Even when our rabbits are on medication or have dietary restrictions, DJ is adept at caring for each of them as though they were her own. Our bunnies seem to have fun at her house; in fact, we like to call it the Bunny Spa. We would recommend DJ to any pet owner, especially those with rabbits.

C & Z pet rabbits
C & Z S LA, CA

I implicitly trust DJ with my little munchkins. When I am away, I have peace knowing that they are being loved and properly cared for. I am especially grateful for all of her help and understanding with my special needs bunns. She's the best!

DB pet rabbits
DB from Glendale CA

The Bunny Sitter Club is one of our most significant and important relationships that our family has. Having lived in a number of cites, we count them among one of the most professional companies that we’ve ever worked with to care for our pets and home and have come to think of them as an extension of pet’s best friends. Our life is very hectic and they are always flexible to address any last minute changes to our schedules, they are pro-active in notifying us of any odd behaviors that we should be aware of, and take great care to make sure that our pets are healthy and happy when we can’t be there for them. We would be lost without their services and find ourselves fortunate to have found them when we arrived in Glendale three years ago.

RH pet dogs
RH - Glendale CA

"DJ has been looking after my bunny Coco for over 4 years now. Not only is she extremely reliable, trustworthy and kind, but she has a true passion and love for animals. No breezing in, dumping food and leaving with DJ. She plays and grooms him and gives him lots of attention. She is in tune with my bunny's health needs and works closely with many vets in the area giving me even more peace of mind. I can go away knowing Coco is being loved and cared for by the best, as she is truly a pets best friend- Thanks DJ! "

Monique pet rabbit

"DJ shows such an obvious genuine love for animals that you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. And she's got the knowledge and experience to help with anything that arises. When my rabbit Bunny was sick, she took the time to demonstrate the best way for me to administer his medication, and she did it with such a patience and kindness... something the vet did not do. She's also taught me so much more about providing Bunny a happy healthy life than I've heard from vets or read online. If I should ever have to leave town, I know my friend is in wonderful hands with The Bunny Sitter Club Their services are invaluable."

PG pet rabbit

PG from LA, CA

It was a great comfort to me to know I was leaving my furry babies in capable hands. The Bunny Sitters Club was a great solution to my boarding needs. I needed to board my 3 rabbits during the holidays. They were in a safe and caring environment and came back to me happy and healthy. I would recommend The Bunny Sitters Club for anyone needing a pet sitter. Your pets are treated like family. Thank you DJ!!

Schnookie Stacy's Bunnies

Stacy from San Fernando Valley


The Bunny Sitter Club team of DJ and TJ are the best! They are the only people i trust to take care of Sydney whenever I go out of town. I have been using their services for several years now and i highly recommend them!

MI's Pooch
MI from Toluca Lake, CA